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G.E.M. (Graduation-English-Math) Program

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After School Programs at Tennessee High School

 Welcome to After-School Programs at THS!

  G.E.M. Phone Number
  (423) 652-9433
Afternoon Session
2:30-5:30 PM


 G.E.M. Program began August 3rd, 2016 (see calendar for specific dates) 

Check out  this Powerpoint of G.E.M. activities from last year.

Click here for the Parent Manual and Sign-up Forms


 The G.E.M. Program provides tutoring and activities for students before and after school in Room #2447 (Wellness Room, Ext. 433). All students are encouraged to participate!  Students must have the proper paperwork completed and signed by a parent/guardian before participating.





Funding for the GEM Program is provided by a 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant.  Contact Director Deidre Pendley with any questions or if interested in volunteering for the program.


The afternoon session begins with tutoring, but also includes activities including field trips, S.T.E.M. activities, ACT preparation, character building, physical fitness classes, business partnership speakers, service opportunities, art projects, crafts, games, etc.  

students are
saying about GEM


 My daughter has benefited from the program.  I am very pleased with the help she is receiving!

                     -GEM Parent

 I like the G.E.M. Program because it's a calm place where I can do my work.  I also like it because I can talk with my friends and get their view on hte work I'm doing.

-Katlyn Cunningham

I enjoy the GEM Program bacause I get the help I need and every teacher is so nice.

-Summer Childress

I think the GEM Program has influenced my son and motivated him this year to do better in school!  Thanks so much for helping him.

                          -GEM Parent

 The teachers are so helpful, sweet, and active. My grades are so good. This helps me a lot.

-Tomi Kegley

I like the GEM program because it lasts a long time, walks, and how later by 5:00 you can talk if you have no homework.  Also, peer help is SO helpful!

-Bo Mann

Ms. Demma helped me in English greatly. Mrs. Strong has also helped me make an A on my Geometry quiz.

-Nathassia Duffy

 I wasn’t doing all of my homework and turning it in. And now I am turning it in and understanding it.

-Nikolas Dillow
 GEM has helped me get caught up on my classes a lot so I don’t fail.
 As a result of the GEM program I have brought up my grade in Bridge Math and made a better grade on my last test.

-Jennifer Tedrick

 My teachers are great in the GEM program!!

--Alexis Kegley

I was struggling until I came to the program. I redone a test that I originally made a 41. I got shown how to do it and made a 77. 
I brought my grade up from a C to a B.

-Dakota Marrs


Without the GEM Program I would not have been able to graduate early. It is great to have at THS. I know GEM will be great for every student if needed. Again thank you to everyone who helped me get through my credit recovery. I could not have done it without GEM.

-Shelby McAnally



 I have gotten the help I needed in Bridge Math to bring my grade up from a 67 to an 89. We get plenty of help in the areas of study we need. There are also plenty of teachers there for assistance. Because of the GEM Program I can now graduate early in December.

-Philip Loel