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Kirk, Kim Principal
Wade, Barry Athletic Director
Collins, Dave Assistant Principal for Special Education
Pendleton, Paul Assistant Principal for Athletics and Physical Education
Sochalski, Steve Assistant Principal for Student Services
Shu, Ashleigh Program Assistant for Staff Development and Testing
Pendley, Deidre Program Assistant for Curriculum and Technology
Witcher, Roby Program Assistant for Discipline

Almaroad, Matt CTE--Culinary Arts
Anderson, Courtney Special Education
Anderson, Steve CTE--Manufacturing Technology
Andrews, Terrance Math
Arnold, Elizabeth Math
Austin, Chanda Special Education--RTI Interventionist
Barrett, Nicole Special Education/RTI
Bittinger, Julie Science
Blevins, Clinton Foreign Language--German
Bright, Kimberly Physical Education
Broyles, Brandon Physical Education
Chandler, Matt Driver's Education
Connatser, Jessica Niswonger Rep./ Athletics
Cosgrove-Walker, Brooks Science
Cross, Andrew Social Studies
Davis, Amber English
Davis, Timothy English
DeClercq, Chancli Math
Del Gaudio, Chelsie CTE--Information Technology
Dommel, Leah Special Education
Dowdell, Derek English
Dowty, Jessica Science
Edgins, Rhonda Special Education
English, Tammy CTE--Technology Education
Everhardt, Jackie Math
Fleenor, Rachel School Counselor
Fox, Ashley Special Education
Givney, Lori CTE (STEM)
Goodman, Brad CTE--Construction Technology
Graham, Shawn Visual Arts
Greer, Alex Foreign Language--Spanish/French
Grindstaff, Mark Social Studies
Hartsoe (Carmichael), Tara Math
Hayes, Shannon Library Media Specialist
Henry, Reece School Counselor
Herrick, Tiffany School Counselor
Hong, Rachel Foreign Language
Huber, Chris Computer Literacy
Irvin, Randy Driver's Education
Johnson, Christy Science
Johnson, Mary Physical Education
Kitzmiller, Ellan Math
Lambert, Thad Special Education--Transition Coordinator
Lilly, Carla Math
Mays, Mike Physical Education
McKay, Laura English
McMakin, Sonya CTE--Applied Technology
Milhorn, Garry CTE--Automotive Technology
Mooney, Kevin Math
Moore, Pamela CTE--Health Science
Morelock, Brad Social Studies
Morris, Eric JROTC
Parker, Kathryn Social Studies
Penley, Hope Special Education
Perdue, Holly Math
Phillips, Michelle CTE--Health Sciences
Phillips, Neal CTE--Technology Engineering
Proffitt, Wally Physical Education
Quales, Donnie Art
Roberts, Preston Social Studies & Virtual Learning
Rollins, Shannon CTE - Criminal Justice
Sanders, Jeff Science
Sauceman, Britni Library Media Specialist
Semones, David Instrumental Music/Band Director
Shanks, Daryl Social Studies
Shipley, Dereck CTE
Shu, Ashleigh Program Assistant for Staff Development and Testing
Singleton, Stacy CTE--Cosmetology
Skeens, Leslie School Counselor
Slone, Joseph Math
Snyder, Andrew English
Spehar-Shaw, Carlinda Special Education/RTI
Sproles, John Social Studies
Story, Mariel English
Strickland, David English
Strong, Denise Math
Stubbs, Brad Special Education
Sutherland, Candy English
Tiller, Charlie English & Social Studies
Toby, Kimberly Foreign Language--French/Public Speaking
Vance, Amanda Special Education--Work-Based Learning
Vickers, Anita English
Wampler, Mike Physical Education
Whitson, Jason Chorus
Wild, Scott JROTC
Williams, Tammy Graduation Coach
Williams , Vail Foreign Language--Spanish teacher
Wood, Alexandria Science

Adams, Tony Educational Aide
Alley, Rosemary Bookkeeper and Main Office Secretary
Ayers, Brenda Library Secretary
Bible, Dawn Attendance Secretary
Blugh, Christina Educational Aide
Brinser, Jill Main Office Secretary
Broyles, Sandie Educational Aide
Camper, Jody School Resource Officer
Dabbs, Ellen Educational Aide
Feathers, Patty Athletic Office Secretary
Flanary, Kelly Athletic Trainer
Gallishaw, Julius Educational Aide
Jeter, Bryan Educational Aide
Leonard, Trea Athletics
Lewis, Tammy Main Office Secretary
Long, Sherri Educational Aide
Martinez, Susanna School Nurse
Minor, Jennifer Educational Aide
Muncey, Brenda Cafeteria Manager
Rickard, Andrea Educational Aide
Rutherford, Nancy Bookkeeper
Shelton, Donna Guidance Secretary
Whitaker, Diane Secretary to the Principal
Williams, Kathy Guidance Secretary
Williams, Mike Educational Aide

Austin, Mike Athletics
Caldwell, Kortney Athletics
Cross, Adam Athletics
Davis, John Ellis Athletics
Johnson, Glen Athletics
Johnson, Mary Athletics
Marshall, Tim Athletics
Murrell, Tom Athletics
Nideffer, Karlyssa Athletics
Nunn, Frankie Athletics
Pannell , Dustin Athletics
Quickel, Mark Athletics
Snyder, Cody Athletics
Wilhoit, Angie Athletics
Zeiger, Bob Athletics