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THS - Lauren Lilly Wins National PTA Award of Merit
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Friday, March 03, 2017
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Congratulations to Lauren Lilly on receiving an Award of Merit from the National PTA.  In January, Lauren won the local high school division of the Bristol, TN PTA Council of Cultural Arts photography contest.  Her entry, along with the winners at other grade levels, was then submitted to the National PTA. On March 2, the award winners at the state level were announced, and Lauren was the only student from our local unit, council, or region to receive an award.

The theme of the original contest was "What is your story?"  Lauren entered the eye-catching photograph below.  Lauren stated about her entry, "How your story is defined is through yourself as you choose how to share your life with people, and I do that through photography. It's sharing your perspective on the world, and that's more your story than anything else because you have complete control over how you think about something and react to it."  Congratulations, Lauren!

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