THS - Former Student is ABC News Person of the Week
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Wednesday, March 08, 2017
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Using the CPR skills she learned in her health science class, Kaela Eads moved quickly to save the life of a toddler who had stopped breathing.

The boy's mother had just gone through the drive-thru when she realized her son was not breathing.  After seeking help at the drive-thru window, Kaela immediately went outside and laid the boy down on her apron and began compressions while another employee called 911. The ambulance arrived in fewer than 3 minutes, and by that time, Kaela had revived the boy, and he was breathing again. She later visited the family at the hospital to make sure the boy was okay.

Rightly so, Kaela has been celebrated by the local paper and on social media. Even more amazing, Kaela was named the "Person of the Week" by ABC World News Tonight.  For the video, click here. We are so proud of your quick thinking and life-saving skills, Kaela!


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