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Three Seniors Named to Military Academies
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Thursday, May 04, 2017
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Tennessee High is honored to have three seniors who received appointment letters to military academies. Only a select few applicants receive appointments to these schools, and we are proud of these students’ prestigious accomplishments.

Dan Cagle received and accepted an appointment to The United States Air Force Academy in Colorado with a nomination from Congressman Phil Roe. Cagle also passed medical and physical examinations, maintained a high GPA along with achieving a high ACT score, and received outstanding recommendations from his teacher at Tennessee High School. Cagle looks forward to the opportunities that will be available to him at the Academy and the possibilities waiting for afterwards. Cagle, an excellent student and exceptional young man, was shocked to be offered this opportunity, asserting, “I was really surprised when I was accepted.” He is both excited and honored to begin on June 29th.

Austin Henson received and accepted an appointment to The United States Military Academy at West Point. To obtain an appointment, Henson maintained both a high GPA and ACT score, as well as passed a physical fitness examination. In addition, he interviewed with a representative from West Point, and most importantly, he received a congressional nomination from Congressman Phil Roe. Henson asserts that both his mentors and Tennessee High teachers helped him to reach this goal. When discussing his future, Henson states that he is “looking forward to the opportunity to receive one of the best educations in the country, to play a Division 1 sport, and to serve my country in the Unites States Army after graduating.” Henson will attend Reception Day on July 3, 2018.

Finally, Dewey Pendley not only received an appointment to The United States Naval Academy, which he accepted, but also to The United States Air Force Academy. Pendley states that the application process took “tons of persistence.” Pendley received a nomination to The United States Naval Academy from United States Congressman Phil Roe, and received a nomination to both The United States Naval Academy and The United States Air Force from United States Senator Lamar Alexander. When deciding which Academy would be best for him, Pendley states that since his goal is to fly in the Navy or Marine Corps, The United States Naval Academy would be the best fit. “I’m looking forward to the countless opportunities I will have to better myself, the people around me, and my country. I’m blessed to have the chance to attend this amazing Academy,” Pendley explained about his decision. Pendley is not only excited for his opportunity, but for his best friend, Austin Henson’s opportunity as well. This is a testament to Pendley’s character and reinforces his choice to serve his country.  

We are so proud of these young men and wish them the best as they commit to serve our country!

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