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After-School Programs Now in Session
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Sunday, August 06, 2017
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Tennessee High School After-School Program activities will be meeting August 7-11. 

(All programs begin in Room 2447 unless specified otherwise). 

The Tennessee High School After-School Tutoring and Activities Program will be held in the Wellness Room #2447 from 2:30-5:30 Monday through FridaySnacks are provided every day! All students are welcome to come help plan the fun activities for the year! What other activities should we add this year?? Please come and help us decide!  Parent volunteers needed.  Please contact the After School Programs Director, Deidre Pendley, with any questions or suggestions at or call 423-652-9494.

Monday Activities 3:00-4:00:  Individualized Tutoring, Robotics (begins in Sept.), Foreign Language (new!), Science/Technology/Engineering/Math—STEM Activity

4:00-5:30:  Individualized Tutoring, Origami (1st and 3rd Monday), Student Choice (2ndand 4th Monday)

Tuesday Activities 3:00-4:00:  Individualized Tutoring, Chess/Board Games, Cosmetology, Online Classes/E-learn

4:00-5:30:  Individualized Tutoring, Quilting and Crafts

Wednesday Activities 3:00-4:00:  Individualized Tutoring, Masonry/Construction (new!), Photography, Technology Student Association--TSA (begins in September)

4:00-5:30:  Individualized Tutoring, Healthy Food Prep, Physical Activity

Thursday Activities 3:00-4:00:  Individualized Tutoring, ACT Academy (in library), Drama, Stringed Instruments (new--starts next week)

4:00-5:30:  Individualized Tutoring, Community Service, Physical Activity Student Choice

Friday Activities—3:00-4:00: Individualized Tutoring, Viking Pride Patrol, Community Service

4:00-5:30:  Individualized Tutoring, Community Service, Physical Activity

These activities are open to all THS students.  Students are strongly encouraged to attend at least 30 days throughout the school year to help sustain funding by a Lottery in Education: Afterschool Programs (LEAP) Grant.

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