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Clinton Blevins Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
German I, German II, German III, German IV


Hailing from the darkest depths of Nearkinsportia, I naturally learned German from the early age of fourteen. I quickly mastered the language alongside the native Appalachian tongues of my birth land. Feeling the pressure to represent my homeland accurately, I decided to go to college to become a chemical engineer. I quickly realized that that life was not for me and decided to attend a higher calling in the field of Philosophy. To my chagrin, however, this field and the eventual degree were not the gold mines of financial success I had been led to believe. I therefore moved into the related field of social-work where I toiled for over a year in a pathetically underfunded group residential facility for juveniles who had been removed from parental custody and handed over to the able hands of the state. After that spirit-crushing experience, I decided to go into the far more uplifting career of calling people who were delinquent with their phone bill and shutting off said services if I could not convince them to pay me over the phone. This, of course, gave me plenty of time for soul-searching and deep contemplation of how I wanted to spend the rest of my life. That brought me to a particularly bright point in my life. I met my lovely wife. Obviously, she was not yet my wife but you get the idea. We both decided that the financially responsible thing to do was for both of us to quit our jobs and go back to school in order to procure Master's degrees: hers in Speech Pathology; mine in teaching. Through trials and tribulations, I think that I have come into the field for which I was intended and thus all is right with the world.