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Extra Credit & Grades   

All and any extra credit is due no Thursday. Grades are not due until the Monday at 12:00. 

Project photos! Looks what's happening in our classes!   

Please go to the photo album to check out our investigations. 

Announcement Image for Project photos! Looks what's happening in our classes!

Cell labeling & function review   

There are a couple links for you to review. However, there are many more on the web if you just goggle them. Also, don't for get about cells




Chapter 2 Study Materials  

Please use all these materials to prepare for you major exam tomorrow. The goal is to make above a class average of an 86. We can do it!

Essay for test tomorrow is to discuss the four main macromolecules.

Mrs. Bright

Chapter 2 Summary

Chapter 2 Reading Guides

Chapter 2 Assessment

Structure Quiz

2-3 Vocabulary Quiz

Macromolecule Organizer/Notes

Congratulations to the boys basketball team!   

Come out and support our boys basketball team as they play for a district championship on Tuesday.

Go Vikes!

Congratulations to our Wrestling Team  

Congratulations to our 2013-2014 wrestling teams! We have 12 students that will be attending the state tournament. I have three of these students and am very proud of them!

Bryson Henley

Dewey Pendley

Kaela Eads  

Please wish them luck in the state tournament this weekend! Go Vikes!

Text Alerts.   

If you would like to receive text alerts concerning class assignments please text 

@8f9c0 To 206-922-4180.  First period


@33323332.   To. 206-922-4180.  Second Period


@33323334.  To. 206-922-4180.   Fourth Period. 





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Sadie Hawkins Week   

Show your school spirit Monday by dressing in Duck Dynasty gear. 

+5 points on Unit Test